Pep Talk With Pep

I love to inspire people with the words that I write, hence my blog Pen and Peppur. I also love to inspire people with the words that tumble out of my mouth.

Therefore, I offer you:

“Pep Talk With Pep”

a free, 45-minute video chat


The Hot One.

Inspiration. Observation. Motivation.

Inspiring and motivating others to action gives me great joy and I like to think I’m pretty darn good at it. Here’s some proof:

“Voice-Over Vanessa” – [Clarity]

A woman found me on LinkedIN. She contacted me regarding copy writing and wanted to brainstorm together on how to get business. We held a few sessions and while she was looking for another way to make some money, turns out she already had a business in voice over work, but she wasn’t feeling super confident about it. She lived in a smaller market and it just wasn’t a popular thing people wanted where she lived. I told her about my friends who were doing the work here in LA, what they did to build themselves and that she should just keep going and do the darn thing. She felt encouraged and refreshed to give it another go and she did!

“Car Shop Patty” – [Purpose in Life]

I was a passenger with my Uber driver, we’ll call her Patty. After a few moments in the car, I could sense something was wrong. I asked a few questions and discovered that she was at a crossroads and was feeling distress. She mentioned she was in school, I think to be a nurse, and how she continually started and stopped taking classes. It was stressing her out because she just couldn’t finish school. I said, “Why is it important to finish? It doesn’t sound like you want to be in school.” She started to cry and said, “You’re right, I don’t.” It was her family and friends who were pressuring her to finish. What she really wanted to do was go back to being a mechanic. She had a shop (I think that was it) and she had left it to go to school, but her passion was being a mechanic. I told her to find a way to get back to that and forget school — it cost too much for her, she didn’t like studying, why do it? Once she gave herself permission to think that she could do what *she* wanted, her entire spirit lifted. This all happened during a 20 minute ride. She thanked me, I hugged her and I still send her good thoughts wherever she is in this world right now.

“Marry Me Martin” – [Relationships & Goals]

Another driver, we’ll call him Martin, was having a very tough time because he was driving to make extra money to send to his parents in another country; I think it was China. This story was tricky. His fiance was living with his parents because one of his parents needed live-in help. He needed to stay in the US to run his day job company and then also make money driving in order to take care of them all, so he couldn’t be there himself. The conversation started with him wondering if he should get married or not. I don’t think he intended to tell me his full life story, but once he started talking, he was able to see that he did want to get married and he loved his fiance, but he didn’t like the way things were and he felt trapped. We didn’t solve this one in our short ride, but, he too felt lifted after our chat and I thanked him for sharing with me.

“You and Me”

What kind of help do you need right now?

peppers 2Thinking about what direction to go to make a new life choice?

peppers 2Have some goals but not sure what to do first?

peppers 2Feeling stuck as a writer and not sure how to get unstuck?*

peppers 2Feeling down and you’re really not sure why?

Welp, maybe you need a Pep Talk*.

Remember, although I have a therapist, I’m not one.  I’m also not a licensed coach of any kind.

I like to think I’m psychic, however, I know I’m hyper observant, a good listener, have lovely instincts, have fantastic life experience, can read energy well and like to share my positive energy. (Being psychic is more fun, but I have friends who really are and I don’t want to appear as a charlatan.)

My goal is to guide you through whatever you’re trying to figure out simply by talking.

Click here to schedule your 45-minute Pep Talk With Pep. We’ll do a Zoom video chat. It’s free. “Voice Over Vanessa” emailed me a Starbucks gift card and that was lovely. If you want to Venmo or PayPal a Thank You gift, you can!

Inspiration. Observation. Motivation.

peppers 2

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