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Being honest.

I’m from #Wisconsin.When I was in 7th grade or so, I was at a girlfriend’s house and as we finished our ice cream and were about to go down into the basement for our slumber party, my friend’s mom said, “I don’t like black people, but Peppur, you’re alright.” That hurt my feelings of course, it also made me sick to my stomach. I knew it was wrong, but I was confused because it felt like some kind of a compliment that I was to say thank you for…which I may have actually done. That comment was all kinds of things, but what it really was, was honest.

Yesterday, we made America not necessarily great again, but we made America honest again.

For the people who have honestly had to bite their tongue, or feel marginalized by the masses or felt forgotten and ignored and wronged and stomped on and stolen from and cheated upon and looked over and have been really. really, bitter and angry for the past eight years or more, I hope they are finally happy.

I was happy when Obama won. I felt some kind of wonderful that I can’t put into words. I hope some people feel that way today. It is a fantastic feeling. It makes you stomp in the streets and clap up clouds of hope and excitement. It makes you dance. I hope people are this happy.

I know I wear rose-colored glasses. The color keeps me protected from the truth sometimes but it also keeps me humane. It keeps me connected to people because I always try to see the good in them so that they in turn will see the good in me. I ran for Junior Class President and Senior Class President, and won. In Wisconsin. I don’t know how many of my classmates had parents who were as honest as my friend’s mom. I don’t want to know. I do know that I have a lot of classmates and people in my life now whom I will and must still call friends who are finally very happy.

I’m not sure what to do with all of this. I feel sick to my stomach. I feel confused. Because something feels very wrong. It’s true: the truth hurts. So, my glasses have been knocked off, and will probably stay off for awhile so that I can clearly watch America be really, really, honest again.


*originally published on my Facebook page.

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