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I'm a Midwestern Girl Out for a Twirl. Also a writer, producer, director and Brown Bettie. If you'd like to read more of what I've written, check out my debut novella, HARLEM'S AWAKENING on Amazon and It's really good. To learn more about me, I have a website with lots of other links and interesting stuff: xxoo
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How to have a Messy and Imperfect Thanksgiving

This “holiday” of gratitude has a way of making you feel bad, like you ain’t got nothin’. No money to buy a stupid turkey. No family to go have a Hallmark dinner with. No friends who like you enough to invite you over. This day, and many holidays, while set up to be inclusive, are actually super exclusive. I don’t like that and the reason I don’t like that is because I don’t want others to feel bad. If this is you this year, don’t spiral.