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My DNA Results or Why I Love Everyone

Today I reveal my DNA results from sunny Santa Barbara with a Pepper Tree as backdrop during my Squire Foundation Residency. Going through this process and discovering my ancestry is all a part of my fiction-writing project based on my short story, “” published on Boned last year.

I can’t express enough what all of this experience means to me. Someday soon, I will. For now, please enjoy the video and know that I wake up to a melody of birds chirping and frogs squawking while chipmunks and lizards scoot by my window and once outside, turkey vultures sway high in the sky with intent I want to know. If I can’t write in these conditions, I don’t deserve to write!

16,979 words. Day 23. My goal is 30k by October 31st. #writingresidency

ancestry peppur ethnicity

Here’s the Turkey Vultures:


More beauty…

A bunny that hops around. I think it is eating the strawberries in the garden. Maybe…



And the beach:






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