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2.22.22 Whatcha Gonna Dooo?

I don’t know why, but I am completely in awe and smitten by today’s numbering. 2.22.22! It is both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Why? Because, most likely, we will never see these numbers again in our lifetime.

I think about stuff like this lately. I look at my dogs and I think about them dying. And then I start crying. I imagine the scenarios of how I will have to look into their eyes and watch them die. That’s probably what’s going to happen; I’ll look into their eyes and watch them die. This will happen some time in the future that I don’t know. (By the way, my dogs are perfectly healthy.)

These thoughts are probably about more than death. I think they’re about understanding that we have no control over anything….and that is super scary. Howevs, we do have control over one thing, and that is our mindset. Mostly. (I say “mostly” because I want to acknowledge that for some, the struggle is real to not mind-spiral on the regular.) Even though I have a very positive outlook and see the good in things, I struggle to reach.for.the.brain switch….to flip it from negativity to positivity. Am I alone in this?

Knowing that today is the one and only time we’ll see these numbers together, this awareness should send us to do something, right? And I’m talking doing something beyond flipping that switch — even though that is a damn good start.


Do something fun. Pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth and savor it with twenty-two laborious chews (or two big chomps).

Do something spiritual. In our family chat this morning, I implored everyone to blink three times, spin around and make a wishful prayer.

Do something weirdo. Howl at the sun. Wear stripes with polka dots. Smile at a stranger. Scrub the grout in your bathroom. Tell yourself how much you love yourself. Repeat 22 times.

Do something hard. At the time 2:22 (and 22 seconds) be ready to do one of the things mentioned above. I’m freaking out just waiting for that clocked moment. Ahhh!

Do something nice. Today is ALSO MY BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY!! How cool is that? In honor of this doubly dubious moment please wish Darnell a special happy birthday.

Anyway, what I think I’m telling you and what I’m telling myself is that we have this moment. We have this time. We have each other right now, today.

What we gon’ do with two-twenty-two?

We are alive.

We are functioning.

We are.

Let’s do what we can.

PS, you can also register to watch my short film, DO SOMETHING which will screen at Moorpark College on 2.23.22 at 3pm PST for Black History Month. Here is the link. (I co-wrote/co-produced and directed.)

Love you 🙂

4 comments on “2.22.22 Whatcha Gonna Dooo?

  1. Candice Floyd

    Love this Peppur! Don’t be surprised if you get a few hits on this blog!

  2. this article is so true. I remember having to look KING in the eye as he died in m arms. It’s no joke

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